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A B O U T    U S 

Septa is an ethical technology design & development company. We collaborate with our customers to co-design & deliver technology (software & hardware) which provides a sustainable ethical product technology advantage quickly.

Septa, unlike other technology providers, says no to work that won't aid the environment or society, or help our staff learn.



Utilising extremely efficient "measure, learn, build" delivery methods to minimise waste and maximise effectiveness we ensure your time is focussed where you want. 

Using nimble, collaborative methods (agile) improves communication, focus & outcomes in technology delivery teams. We identify compelling, sustainable opportunities to understand and solve your problems to ramp up your revenue. We break opportunities down into small chunks of value (MVP) so that you get incremental value quickly before the whole project is done.

While we are skilled in a wide variety of tools & solutions we are technology agnostic. We use a blend of both bleeding edge technology & good old fashioned whiteboards to get everyone on the same page & get the job done well. We love all things cloud, bake CI/CD into everything and believe in full stack developers using the right tooling for the right job.

We use hypothesis driven development and metrics to validate our outcomes against expectations.




We work closely with our customers to conduct Research, which supports User Experience enhancement and ensures solutions made by Developers are satisfying customer needs.

Septa also provides onsite short Design Thinking / Customer Centric Design workshops to improve your skills, understanding and productivity as well as Business & Product Strategy workshops for startups through to enterprise.


Recently we've worked with a startup to research the viability of a housing affordability product, supported a US education startup to better understand the market and build their strategy as well as partnering with Ventia to provide Research, UX & Development of a mobile solution to support their environmental remediation services.

Prior to founding Septa our staff held some notable positions.

One includes leading a cross functional team of design thinking experts in the Innovation Lab of the largest bank in Australia to validate a product opportunity. Millions in funding was secured for the solution off the back of a co-designed prototype.

Also prior to founding Septa one of our staff held the role of Product Delivery Manager for the mobile app of an international airline, overseeing the upscale (tripling team numbers) of the development team, the integration of three distinct business units & the bringing together of six different technology vendors to work on one application. In the 12 months under his  watch the already significant mobile app revenue DOUBLED.

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